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          一、主要用途(The main purpose):
          The fast granulator is suitable for crushing and granulating granules in Chinese and Western medicine, food, chemical pigments and feed industries. After granulation, the granules with different shapes and specifications are cut by the high-speed rotating blades of this machine, 
          and discharged through the screen plate, and then particles with basically the same shape and specifications can be obtained.
          二、工作原理(working principle):
          The power of the motor is directly driven to the rotation of the granulating net, the granulating knife is fixed, the raw materials are added from the feeding port, the material enters the cavity of the granulating machine, and it contacts the high-speed rotating granulating net to generate centrifugal force, and the fixed granulating knife rubs and breaks larger particles. The finished product is screened out through the sieve holes to complete the granulation function.
          二、分類特點( Classification characteristics):
          FZ frame type: This model is suitable for crushing and granulating materials with uneven thickness. Beautiful appearance, easy to move, simple operation and maintenance.
          KZL inclined type: This machine is a traditional model, suitable for the whole grain of lighter materials. Suitable for single machine small batch production.
          KXL pipe type: pipe type connection, stand-alone or online use can be selected, and there is no dust when used online.


          型號 旋簧長度 濾孔直徑  生產能力 電機功率 轉速 外形尺寸(mm) 重量
          80 55mm 1-8mm 20-50 kg/h 0.55 w 單速 2800 r/min or 變頻調速 300-3600 r/min 780×280×750 50kg
          120 80mm 100-200 kg/h 1.1 kw 變頻調速200-1500r/min or 400-300r/min 850×450×1100 110kg
          160 120mm 100-300 kg/h 1.5 kw 900×500×1480 180kg
          180 135mm 100-400 kg/h 1.5-2 kw 1000*520*1480 200kg
          200 140mm 200-500 kg/h 2.2-3 kw 1250×500×1450 250kg
          160 120mm 1-8mm 150-300 kg/h 1.5 kw 變頻調速Frequency conversion speed regulation
          200-1500r/min or 400-300r/min
          1000*720*1170 140kg
          180 135mm 150-400 kg/h 1.5 kw 1050*720*1200 160kg
          200 140mm 200-500 kg/h 1.5-2.2 kw 1100*750*1300 190kg
          250 180mm 300-1000 kg/h 2.2-3 kw 1350*800*1550 260kg
          140 185mm 1-8mm 80-200 kg/h 1.5 kw 變頻調速Frequency conversion speed regulation
          800*900*1100 160kg
          200 205mm 150-600 kg/h 2.2 kw 900*900*1150 210kg
          250 265mm 150-1500 kg/h 4 kw 1100*1000*1250 250kg


          186 5247 4489

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